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1) It's possible negotiating the prices published on the home page?
Our prices in most cases are negotiable; Property transfer is not included.

2) Do the sales prices on the site include VAT?
Yes, the prices indicated are VAT included; Only the costs for the transfer of the property are excluded. When needed, the cars are restored as bodywork and are tagged before delivery.

3) What are your timetables? Are you open on Sundays?
We are open from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 19:00. Mondays to Saturdays. Closed on Saturday afternoon. On Sundays we are open only in case of events or presentation of new models. Anyway, if it happens late, you can call us before the closing time and we will do our best to wait for it.

4) How can I have an evaluation of my used car?
It is very simple and fast. Fill in the request request form found in each ad of our cars. It can also include some photos so that we can evaluate your car exchange better.

5) Can you evaluate my car by phone?
No, we only make e-mail evaluations and this is especially in his interest. Only then will it be assured that the offer obtained can be respected (except for vision and proof)

6) It's possible finance the purchase price?
Yes, Auto Italia has agreements with several financial companies. Your car can be funded up to 100% of the purchase price in most cases. On our website is the financial simulator to give an idea of the installment, we specify that from time to time it is necessary to request the quote by mail or phone related to the car you are buying.

7) Since I come from a distance, can I do all the purchasing / selling / exchanging practices in one day?
Certainly, Auto Italia is organized with an ultracompetitive sales system. We have customers who buy us daily from all over Italy and most of Europe. By anticipating the necessary documents by mail, delivery in just 30 minutes will complete all the necessary shopping, sales or exchange practices. If you arrive by train we will pick you up at the station (Livorno Centrale). In the contact section there are all the details to reach us. <br/> You just have to arrange your trip, the rest we think of!

8) Are your cars guaranteed?
All our cars are covered by a 12-month warranty, which begins on the date of purchase. We offer the option to extend the warranty up to 36 months, including roadside assistance. We also provide Mercedes First Hand Warranty, and Land Rover and Jaguar Approved, when applicable.

9) What is the warranty extension?
The warranty extension has a cost that varies from 200 to 800 € indicative, gives you the opportunity to make warranty repairs at your trusted mechanic without having to travel to us. <br/> Also, in the event of a failure, you can call the toll-free number and a carriage will transport your car to the nearest garage.

10) The car I was interested in has already been sold. Can you contact me when you have one like this?
Of course, just fill out the form "REQUIRE A CAR" in both the new and used car section.

11) I am interested in your car, tomorrow I will see it.
We are waiting for you. Do not forget, however, to make your arrival by a confirmation call: only in this way you can be sure that the car you choose is still available.

12) Do you deliver the car at home?
We offer the possibility of delivering cars at home, through a leading company in Italy. The estimated times are 10 working days, the approximate price is 250 € + VAT, excluding the islands.

13) It's possible buy the car with the incentives for the disabled provided by Law 104/92?
In the event that the VAT is exposed it is possible to take advantage of the incentives provided by Law 104/92; Otherwise, you can still get discounts on the cost of ownership transfer.

14) Can I leave you a car for radiation?
Certainly, if your need is to replace an old car to be demolished with a new one, Auto Italia will carry out all radiation practices.

15) Do you buy cars that have to be redeemed by leasing companies?
This is another service offered by Auto Italia. We think of everything! You only have to ask the leasing company for the documents needed for extinction of the contract and up-to-date counts.

16) You tell me that the car is booked but I see it available online on other portals.
You are probably browsing an unattended car portal. To know the real situation of our cars, you must consult our site exclusively or call us or write to us.

17) How much should I pay to book my car in the long run?
To book a long-term car you must agree with a seller, the figure you will have to pay to lock the car is directly proportional to the cost of the car itself.

18) What documents do you need to make a loan?
To finance your car, apart from any specific cases that are handled at the moment, the necessary documents are as follows: <br/> <br/> For private individuals: <br/> * Identity card or license. <br /> * Tax Code or Health Card. <br /> * Payroll and IBAN code <br /> <br /> For companies: <br /> * Updated visas and legal representative documents <br /> * Unique Model (In the case of individual companies or firms, the e-mail receipts must also be enclosed). <br /> * Iban code

19) What to do if the car stops?
If you need roadside assistance, if your car is covered by an official warranty (also for any official extension) you can contact the green number <br /> <br /> Mercedes-Benz: <a href="tel:0080017777777"> 00800 1 777 7777 </a> <br /> Smart: <a href="telako80027777777"> 00800 2 777 7777 </a> <br /> Land Rover - Jaguar: <a href="tel:800557999"> 800 557999 </a> <br /> Subaru: <a href="tel:800756500"> 800 756500 </a> <br /> <br /> If your car has been purchased and has covered Mapfre, the Warranty Mapfre's number is <a href="tel:800169040"> 800 169040 </a>

20) Is the VAT included in the sale price?
Yes, the prices are already inclusive of VAT, in the cars where it is possible to deduct it you will find the "VAT included" deduction below the sale price. <br/> The only expense to add is the transfer of property, which you can make directly to our offices.

21) What documents do I need to take to drive my car?
The owner must submit at our place with original movement certificate, original ownership certificate (CDPD), copy of the last paid stamp, double key and coupon booklet, as well as identity documents: identity card and code tax.

For any other request in the CONTACTS section, find all references to ask more questions or chat in the bottom right section of the site . We are at your disposal.
Auto Italia Concessionaria Mercedes-benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Smart-Livorno
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Auto Italia Concessionaria Mercedes-benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Smart-Livorno
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The Auto Italia sales support service offered to all its customers is of the highest level thanks its staff of over 60 people, rigorously trained and certified by the manufacturers through constant up-to-date training; moreover, it is extremely important to us to use materials and components, whether in use or as spare parts, that are completely official, for both the guarantee, and, above all, customer safety depend on this.

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